Created: 30 March 2019 - Updated: 30 March 2019

    We have developed this page to introduce you to the Terran Empire and to possibly answer some questions you may have about us. If you have questions about subjects that were not discussed here you may contact us to submit your question.

    While we are organized as an Empire our policies are based on social principles in that the people are primary. Without the people there would be no Empire. Our social programs reflect this understanding. Our initial programs include:

    • food & nutrition
    • shelter & clothing
    • education
    • medical care

    It is our intent and our desire to provide these things without cost to our people. We consider these things to be the basic needs of the people. Our ultimate goal is a free access society where our people have free access to the things they want or need.

    All industry and services within the Empire are nationalized and so for those who wish to be employed there are two options. The first option is to work within the Imperial Government while the second option is to work through the Imperial Cooperative.

    Our economy is also labor time based. Those who work earn Imperial credits. The concept of Imperial credits is based on the labor time voucher system implemented by Robert Owen in the 19th century. Whereas the labor time voucher was a physical paper voucher the Imperial credit (or IC) is electronic. The concept is essentially the same. A worker earns IC's based on the amount of time spent working. The worker can then spend them on products and services that it took the same amount of labor time to produce. The IC is not money because it does not circulate. It is simply evidence of the worker's time spent working and, as such, the worker's right to the products or services it took the same amount of labor time to produce. Once spent the IC is deleted.

    Those seeking employment within the Empire must first join the Empire. You can join the Empire here.

    The administration of the Terran Empire is non-political in that political parties are not allowed within the Empire. Political parties represent special interests and it is our view that there should be no special interests within the Empire other than the people of the Empire themselves.

    The administration of the Terran Empire is composed of two primary tiers. The first and highest tier is that of the Central Authority. The second and lower tier is that of the Imperial Government.

    The purpose of the Central Authority is to lead the administration and to protect the rights of the people of the Empire. We have noticed a disturbing trend of corruption in the world's governments where those who were elected by the people to represent the interests of the people, and to protect them, have instead represented their own personal interests or those of special interest groups. They have forsaken the people who gave them power and have abused the people's trust in them. They have disregarded and swept aside provisions enacted to protect the people from their abuses and the abuses of government and have consistently worked to erode your rights and freedoms. This erosion occurs through legislation and regulations unlawfully enacted and enforced by sometimes unwitting or incompetent agencies and officials of government, usually to support a special interest and driven by a profit motive, otherwise known as greed.

    In these governments there is no official or agency specifically tasked with and given the proper authority to protect the people from the abuses of government, to unilaterally act to strike down legislation and regulations that erode the rights and freedoms of the people and to unilaterally remove any government official found to be corrupt and acting against the people, try them, and convict them for corruption and treason against the people. Within the Terran Empire the Central Authority serves this purpose. The power and authority of the Central Authority exists above that of the Imperial Government. All officials of the Imperial Government are accountable to the authority of the Central Authority.

    The Imperial Government exists under the authority of and is accountable to the Central Authority. The purpose of the Imperial Government and its subordinate agencies is to manage the resources of the Empire to the greatest benefit of the people, to preserve order, to protect the people, and to serve the needs of the people. Outside of these things the Imperial Government has no other purpose or authority.